Aldi’s latest gear collection includes belt bags, bucket hats and tracksuits

Aldi’s latest gear collection includes belt bags, bucket hats and tracksuits

  • Aldi will launch a collection of apparel and acessories on March 22. 
  • It’s the second installment of the Aldi Gear Collection, which first launched last year. 
  • The latest drop features a belt bag, bucket hat and tracksuit all in Aldi’s signature colors.

Aldi will launch a new collection of wearable merchandise on March 22, offering items like a belt bag, bucket hat and tracksuit. 

The value grocery chain in a March 9 release said all the merchandise in the latest edition of the Aldi Gear Collection would be available for less than $10 per item starting on March 22. The latest merchandise release from Aldi follows its first collection last year, which included water bottles, slides, pajamas and keychain quarter holders (Aldi shopping carts require customers to insert a quarter to use them, and shoppers must return the cart to get their quarter back). 

“Aldi fans’ love for our brand is unmatched,” said Joan Kavanaugh, vice president of national buying at Aldi, in the release. “After we saw the success of our 2022 collection, it only made sense to up the ante this year. We see shoppers celebrating Aldi products, prices and value on a daily basis, and this impressive line of apparel, that’s not only stylish but versatile, gives us a chance to celebrate our customers right back.” 

The grocer says the latest merch drop, which is in the brand’s blue, orange and yellow color scheme, is size-inclusive across clothing and footwear. It describes the items as being retro with a modern twist. Items available this time include the keychain quarter holder and other items like a bucket hat, socks, umbrella, jogger, windbreaker and pullover.

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