German rock band Guano Apes announce 2024 Tallinn show

German rock band Guano Apes announce 2024 Tallinn show

German rock band Guano Apes, who are celebrating their 30th anniversary by going on tour, have announced a show at Tallinn’s Helitehas next November.

The Guano Apes’ meteoric rise to fame began in the 1990s, when the song “Open Your Eyes” brought their raw and rebellious energy to a wider audience. The band’s other hits include “Open Your Eyes,” “Lords Of The Boards,” “You Can’t Stop Me” and “Pretty In Scarlet.”

“We’re closer to monkeys than artificial intelligence. In human beings, inside the apes of the old world, there is a primal force: the call of freedom. We’ve been supporting that together with our audiences for nearly three decades. In the midst of the artificial intelligence revolution and digital distancing of human the mind, keeping people grounded and understanding them is more important than ever. With our handmade sound, we want to regenerate the audience’s inner compass and return them to their basic settings with a sonic grunt that finally releases their inner monkey,” said the band.

Guano Apes’ show at Tallinn’s Helitehas as part of their “Free the Monkey” tour takes place on November 29, 2024. More information is available here.

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