Germany shocks the world with kit switch to Nike

Germany shocks the world with kit switch to Nike

Different countries are affiliated with diverse kit brands, but none has been more synonymous than Germany and adidas. They have been producing shirts for the national team for over 70 years.

However, American sportswear giant Nike will take over from their German rivals in 2027, marking a historic shift for the national team.

The iconic black, red, and gold jerseys of Germany that have become synonymous with the three stripes of adidas will be replaced with Nike’s swoosh in 2027.

This decision has sparked strong reactions in Germany. Economy Minister Robert Habeck expressed his disappointment, stating that he could not imagine the prospect of a German shirt without the adidas stripes.

Habeck sees the pairing as a symbol of national identity and criticised the DFB for a lack of patriotism.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz remained neutral, prioritising goals over garments, while fans expressed a sense of cultural and traditional loss.

The DFB acknowledged the emotional weight of the decision but emphasised the financial rationale.

According to reports, Nike’s offer blew adidas out of the water. The American brand will pay €100 million annually compared to €65m from adidas.

The DFB has announced that the additional funds will be reinvested in German football, including youth and women’s programs.

While adidas will suffer a bitter loss in its home market, the Nike deal is a business decision at the right time for the DFB as sports economist Christoph Breuer aptly commented.

While it will be strange to see Germany line up in Nike kits, the DFB have made a financial decision and is ready to stand by it despite the backlash.

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