Germany: UEFA 2024 Euro Football Championships celebrated with 11 Euro silver and colour coins

Germany: UEFA 2024 Euro Football Championships celebrated with 11 Euro silver and colour coins

In collaboration with the German Football Association, the national teams comprising the Union of European Football Associations – UEFA will come together in Germany as they host the 2024 tournament, it is the first time they will play host since reunification in 1990.

Football is the national sport in many European countries and in keeping with the old footballer saying ‘You have to be eleven friends’, the coin’s unusual 11 Euro denomination pays tribute to this saying and is also Germany’s first-ever coin with such a face value. The tournament is staged every four years and on this occasion it will take place from the 14th June to the 14th July. Ten venues have been chosen and located in the cities of Berlin, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Gelsenkirchen, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Munich and Stuttgart. Organised by EURO 2024 GmbH, a joint venture between the German Football Association and UEFA, the aim is to organise a ‘EURO for all’. The primary goal is to deliver a major sporting event structured safely in a contemporary and sustainable manner. The tournament seeks to create unforgettable memories for players and fans, regardless of where in the world they watch the games or travel from. The shared passion for what has been described as the most beautiful game in the world, attending matches between great football nations with a long tradition of victory such as Italy, the defending champion. Their national team won the 2020 tournament after beating England on penalties in the final, a nail-biting game which did not fail to enthral spectators all over the world. Aside from the amazing talent on display during the matches, national pride is also front and centre though without overconfidence, ensuring a peaceful football festival and new friendships.

The obverse side of the coin is designed by artist Detlef Behr from Cologne, who has cleverly incorporated elements of the iconic roof architecture of the Berlin Olympic Stadium into the overall design. It is at this popular venue where the final match of the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship will take place.

In the centre of a stylised playing field, including the corner flags is the football itself, with and around which everything revolves. The flags and football includes red, yellow and black colouring – which also corresponds to Germany’s national flag. The numbers 1 and 0 represent both a possible match result as well as the ten venues who will host the UEFA European Championship games. The commemorative inscription encircles the playing field and reads UEFA FUßBALL-EUROPAMEISTERSCHAFT 2024 (UEFA European Football Championship) The reverse side is designed by Lorenz Crössmann from Berlin and harmonises very well with the motif side and features Germany’s federal eagle. The stylised national insignia is centred with the text BUNDESREPUBLIK DEUTSCHLAND 2024 placed along the rim. Placed to the lower right rim in bold text is the denomination 11 EURO. The eagle is surrounded by a semi-circled combination of text SILBER 500 A and twelve five-pointed stars representing the European Union, the A mintmark denoting the Berlin Mint. The coins also include an incused inscription on the edge which reads VEREINT IM HERZEN EUROPAS ○ (In the heart of Europe)

Denomination Metal Weight DiameterQuality Mintage Limit 
11 Euro.500 Silver14 g.  30 mm. UNC & Colour111,111
11 Euro.500 Silver14 g.  30 mm. Proof & Colour*n/a

Available from the 8th May, the Brilliant Uncirculated pieces are available for their face value at leading commercial banks and post office counters. The proof-quality collector’s edition is encapsulated and presented in a folder which is available by visiting Munze Deutschland.

*Towards the end of the year, the entire €20 coin collection consisting of three 2024-dated pieces and one special €11 UEFA coin will be available in proof quality and as a set presented in an official blister-pak type folder.

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