Germany Warns Against Travel to Afghanistan, Kabul Denies Danger | TOLOnews

Germany Warns Against Travel to Afghanistan, Kabul Denies Danger | TOLOnews

The Islamic Emirate reacted to the travelling warning of the Foreign Office of Germany and denied hostage-taking and arrests of foreigners in Afghanistan.

The spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate said that thousands of foreigners who have travelled to Afghanistan recently did not encounter any threats or danger.

According to Zabiullah Mujahid, countries who publish such warnings intend to portray Afghanistan as an unstable country.
“Now Afghanistan is secure, but countries still warn their citizens, it means that there is a political goal behind this. Countries want to portray Afghanistan as an unstable and insecure country to the world; we ensure people that Afghanistan is secure,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate.

The Foreign Office of Germany in a warning asked its citizens to leave Afghanistan and not to travel to the country for security reasons.

“The infrastructure and flight safety facilities at Kabul International Airport do not meet international standards. The situation at the border crossings with neighboring countries is confusing. There are always short-term closures. Armed clashes occasionally occur at border crossings with Pakistan.” Reads the statement of the Foreign Office of Germany.

“The US made the first warning to its citizens followed by the UK, but the Islamic Emirate was not serious about the warnings then. Now that Germany has warned its citizens against travel to Afghanistan, this can mean the proclamation of insecurity in Afghanistan,” said Aziz Maarij, a political analyst.

“The Germans have made the warning because they have not reached a political agreement with the Islamic Emirate yet. It will be efficient if countries start engagement based on their respective interests. Afghanistan’s current security is better than the 20-year presence of foreigners, including Germany, in the country,” said Zalmai Afghanyar, a political analyst.

Following the US and Australia, Russia, the UK and Germany are three other countries who have warned their citizens against travelling to Afghanistan due to alleged security threats.

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