Indian gave 12 lakhs to live a luxury life in Europe, went to Germany through “Dinky Route” and then… – India TV Hindi – AnyTV News

Indian gave 12 lakhs to live a luxury life in Europe, went to Germany through “Dinky Route” and then… – India TV Hindi – AnyTV News

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Dreaming of living a luxury life in Europe, an Indian man gave Rs 12 lakh to an agent. He struck a deal with the agent and was then flown via the “Donkey Route” through Serbia to a refugee camp in Germany. But even after 5 months, the agent failed to get him settled in any European country. Whereas Harvinder Singh of Punjab, dreaming of living a luxury life, made the challenging journey from Serbia to Germany through the Dunki Marg. During this time, he also had to face the challenges of weather unlike Serbia and had to walk for miles through dangerous paths of desert and forest at many check posts. Eventually he was deported back. This is the latest example of illegal migration.

According to a news in Times of India, the agents had promised Harvinder Singh, who spent 5 months in a refugee camp in Germany, asylum in European countries, but he was deported on March 20. Harvinder is among millions of people of Asian origin who were transported from Serbia to Germany via the Balkan route via the Donkey Route. Incidentally, Serbia closed visa-free travel service for all Indians from January 1, 2023. Due to this, Indian passport holders no longer have the right to enter Serbia without visa and stay for 30 days. According to Serbia, its move was aimed at complying with the EU visa policy and preventing illegal migration.

Immigrants are sent to these European countries through Serbia

According to sources, immigrants are mainly sent to countries like Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria through Serbia. In June last year, the EU held a coordination meeting with law enforcement officials in Germany, Romania and Serbia to dismantle an organized crime ring that sends migrants to Europe. During this time it was revealed that hundreds of migrants were smuggled and brought to Germany. To catch this gang, more than 200 officers conducted a raid and arrested 2 suspects from Germany. Also, 9 people were arrested from Romania. Luxury cars, cash and other valuables were recovered from them.

Organized gangs exploited migrants fiercely

According to officials, the people who were smuggled to Germany were severely exploited by the agents. After taking about 4000 Euros from each, they were loaded in lorries and sent away. To avoid check posts and police, they were made to walk for miles through inaccessible roads. They were then kept hidden in adverse conditions behind a mall to protect them from the sight of security agencies.

How did Harvinder reach Germany from Punjab?

In this case which was exposed at the airport in Delhi, it was revealed that Harvinder was sent to Europe by an agent named Sandeep from Punjab. According to airport DCP Usha Ranganani, after reaching Germany, he had asked to cancel his passport and then approach the officials who had created the fake documents. So that he gets a fake certificate from Europe. This would have given him refugee status. Harvinder Singh left for Europe from here on 28 November 2023 on a tourist visa. She was later sent back on an emergency certificate, but her parents’ details in her documents were later found to be incorrect. It was discovered that he had given false details to the certificate making authorities in Germany. He said that efforts are currently being made to find out which other Indians have been sent abroad by the agents through this dinky route.

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