Irish folk band Lankum have Germany gig cancelled due to ‘political stance’ in supporting Palestine

Irish folk band Lankum have Germany gig cancelled due to ‘political stance’ in supporting Palestine

Lankum, a contemporary Irish folk music group from Dublin, were due to play in Leipzig as part of the TransCentury Festival, who said that the group’s show was pulled due to their “political stance.”

“Lankum represents a political stance that we as a venue and festival do not represent. In consultation with the artists, we have agreed to cancel the concert,” the festival organisers said.

The festival also shared a code of conduct ahead of the Irish band’s cancelled gig, saying that it is important for the festival to create a “space that is non-discriminatory and non-judgemental.”

Lankum is made up of brothers Ian and Daragh Lynch, Cormac MacDiarmada and Radie Peat.

In 2018 they were crowned Best Folk Group at the RTÉ Folk Music Awards, while Radie Peat was named Best Folk Singer.

The group are in the midst of a tour across Europe, including Germany, Netherlands, the UK and France

The cancellation due to their “political stance” comes ahead of the Irish band’s upcoming performance at the 3Arena in Dublin for the Gig for Gaza on Tuesday, November 28.

The event in the Irish capital is expected to see close to its full capacity of 13,000 people attend and was organised by the Irish Artists for Palestine group.

Lankum members Cormac, Daragh, Ian and Radie issued a statement on their feelings towards the war between Israel and Hamas, which has led to the death of 13,000 Palestinians.

“Like most people of sound mind and reason around the globe, we are heartbroken and shocked to see the indiscriminate murder of children and civilians happening for the past few weeks.

“This, on top of decades of oppression, persecution and dehumanisation is something we can only struggle to comprehend.

“That is why we are very proud to raise our voices in solidarity with the people of Palestine. It’s the very very least we can do,” they said ahead of their upcoming gig in support of Palestine.

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