Kenya, Germany to escalate co-operation in green investments

Kenya, Germany to escalate co-operation in green investments

Kenya and Germany have agreed to escalate their cooperation in green investments following bilateral talks held between President William Ruto and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin on Monday.

Kenya and Germany share considerable interests, especially in the protection of the environment, trade and investment.

In a statement on Monday, the Presidential Communication Service (PCS) said the two countries appreciated the inevitability of investing in Africa due to its competitiveness for climate action, climate development and resilience.

The agreement is a buildup on the outcomes of the Africa Climate Summit held in Nairobi in early September in which Germany was one of the central players. 

During the bilateral meeting, peace and security in the Horn of Africa also took centre stage with Chancellor Scholz recognising Kenya’s contribution in capacity building and support in the upcoming elections in DRC and South Sudan.

The two leaders also discussed the role of Kenya in the stabilisation of Haiti as part of the Multinational Security Support Mission for Haiti. 

“The German Government committed to support it in the mission,” the statement read in part.

The two leaders also spoke about ongoing talks on labour relations where the sourcing of jobs for Kenyans is expected to be concluded next year. 

While speaking on Sunday in Bomet County, Ruto said Chancellor Scholz committed to providing employment opportunities for 200,000 Kenyans during his visit to Kenya in May.

These he said would incorporate skilled and semi-skilled workers to address Germany’s significant labour needs.

“And I need to organise for that,” he said while addressing a congregation in Sotik before he flew out to Germany. 

“We also have agreements with the French President and leaders from around the world,” he added.

Ruto and Chancellor Scholz acknowledged that the structured migration process they are developing will help stem illegal migration.

On the economic-financial freedom of developing countries, Ruto called on Germany to support the International Finance Reform to lessen the debt burden facing low and middle-income countries.

The two leaders met on Monday on the sidelines of the “G20 Compact with Africa” conference in Germany.

Among those in the meeting were Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi.

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