Microsoft invests €3.2 billion in AI and in the cloud Germany

Microsoft invests €3.2 billion in AI and in the cloud Germany

While 2023 was still a year of trial and error in terms of generative AI, when everyone put together and tried out all kinds of ingredients, 2024 is the year in which German industrial giants such as Siemens, Mercedes-Benz, Bayer, and BASF — will deeply integrate AI technologies into their own services. Ultimately, the German economy could create a unique selling point with the help of AI. 

According to Janik, the International Monetary Fund’s AI Readiness Index also shows that the economy has nothing to hide when it comes to AI. It puts Germany in third place worldwide behind Singapore and the US. In addition, she said, the widespread use of AI offers Germany the opportunity to increase its gross national product by 0.6% per year.

“However, this is not a sure-fire success,” she warned. “We need a strong digital infrastructure and the right skills. We really need to empower everyone in Germany to be able to use these AI technologies.”

New data centres

After doubling the capacity of its own data centers in Germany in 2023, Microsoft intends to double it again by the end of 2025. One focus will be on expanding the cloud region around Frankfurt am Main. In addition, new infrastructure is planned in the Rhenish mining district in North Rhine-Westphalia.

When building the new data centers, Microsoft is also paying attention to the sustainability aspect and investing in renewable energies.

“We will generate more electricity from renewable energy sources than our data centers consume,” Smith promised, noting that Microsoft is focusing on solar energy in Germany.

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