Puma Opens Running Testing Facility | SGB Media Online

Puma Opens Running Testing Facility | SGB Media Online

Puma has unveiled the Puma Nitro Lab, an athlete testing facility developed in partnership with Hartmann Orthopedics & Sports. The Puma Nitro Lab, based at Hartmann’s facility near Frankfurt, Germany, provides athletes with detailed full-body insights through a series of tests and scans, including 4D Motion analysis.

The results enable Puma and Hartmann to develop bespoke and customized solutions for each athlete.

“The Puma Nitro Lab is a natural progression for us as we ascent in the world of running,” said Romain Girard, senior head of innovation at Puma. “At Puma everything starts with our athletes. We work with the fastest men and women in the world to help them perform better then we use our learnings to innovate our products for the benefit of runners at all levels. The Puma Nitro Lab becomes critical in driving the insights that will drive the next generation of product development on and off the track.”

Puma’s roster of athlete ambassadors will be regular visitors to the Nitro Lab for performance testing and analysis. The recently-signed Marcell Jacobs, the current 100m Men’s World, European and Olympic Champion, was one of the first to use the facility in February. Wilson Kipketer, a three-time 800m World Champion, as well as  Gesa Krause, Kevin López, Isayah Boers, Jess Piasecki, Patrick Schneider and Marc Reuther were among the athletes attending the grand opening.

The Puma Nitro Lab is also accessible to the public and runners of all levels.

“Puma is committed to learning from external experts who provide new perspectives and fresh insights that challenge our thinking and facilitate innovation in our products. Hartmann Orthopedics & Sports is the perfect partner given their experience over 20 years of working with elite athletes to minimize risk of injuries and optimize performance through testing and customization,” Girard continued.

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