Spring Into Adventure: 10 Cool Vacation Spots To Visit Around The World

Spring Into Adventure: 10 Cool Vacation Spots To Visit Around The World

A hot spring break destination is the perfect chance to let off everyday stress. But for a destination to be break-worthy, it needs to be affordable, convenient, and famous. Spring is in the air when flowers are blossoming, birds are piping, the sun is shining, and fun vibes are all over the place. For travelers inspired to travel during spring break, here is a list of top spots and vacation destinations around the world to spring into adventure and experience the magic of the season.

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10 Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach is the ideal Florida spring getaway. People looking for white beaches, tropical climates, and dolphins should consider Panama City Beach in the sunshine state. Once known as a college spring break destination, it has quickly transformed into an ideal destination for families and couples in search of a cheap, warm-weather getaway. Bordered by two amazing parks, St. Andrews and Camp Helen, Panama City is made for nature and wildlife lovers. It is home to one of the biggest sport fishing fleets in the world and the highest concentration of bottlenose dolphins.

9 Provence, France

Provence is one of the most prevailing and stunning destinations in France. The region is among the most famous ones in France. However, it gets hot and crowded in summer. Therefore, people who want to unwind and witness beautiful lavender fields scattered all around Provence and in full blossom should visit in spring. The wonderful blooming trees are also found in Ménerbes and can be reached either by bus or car.

8 Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka, Japan

Travelers witness the beautiful Hitachi Seaside park all year long. However, one of the best spring destinations in the world is when travelers witness thousands of tulips and narcissus blossom charmingly in the wooded walking trails. It is one of the most attractive and captivating areas for hikers and adventurers to have a nice walk, ride a bicycle or even have a BBQ party.

7 Columbia River Gorge, Pacific Northwest, USA

Stretched along the Columbia River, the canyon is astounding on its own. However, the changing seasons add charm. In spring, travelers witness thousands of sunflowers blossoming in the unspoiled nature, creating a breathtaking landscape, and indulge in diverse activities, including kite surfing, fishing, biking, and others.

6 Bahamas, Caribbean

Millions of visitors visit the Bahamas each year to witness white sandy shores and indulge in fishing and diving excursions. Families flocking to the Bahamas surrender in the pursuits of Atlantis, Paradise Island, and other resorts, but this eclectic island chain offers a range of activities away from the hotel zone. Nature lovers can explore pristine covered areas like the Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve and Lucayan National Park or take it easy at one of the country’s many beachfront or private islands. Meanwhile, history lovers can explore the ruins and artifacts from the colonial era and indigenous peoples like the Lucayan Indians.

5 Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Set along the Yucatán Peninsula, Playa del Carmen has sculpted its own Euro-chic niche. It caters to history buffs and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Sophisticated travelers unwind at the beachside lounges and relax on white sand and brilliantly turquoise water, impressing even the most selective beach beggars. La Quinta Avenida running parallel to the shore, features several blocks worth of tasty eateries and quirky shops.

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4 Bonn, Germany

Found near Düsseldorf and Cologne, Europeans welcome the Asian Cherry Blossom festival every spring. Travelers come to witness one of the top spring destinations in Europe, offering blooming sakura, known as Japanese cherries, usually starting to bloom in April, and making people happy in different European cities. In Bonn, Germany, the blossoming trees create this great tunnel lane. The locals and tourists take time to spend in the old town and marvel at the beautiful trees.

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3 Jamaica, Caribbean

Jamaica is the heart of the Caribbean. It is home to reggae music, the Rastafari movement, and all-inclusive resorts. Westernmost Negril is famous for its beaches and deluxe accommodations; northwestern Montego Bay is well-liked by golfers; and Ocho Rios in the northeast draws most to adventurous types interested in climbing waterfalls like Dunn’s River. Some visitors choose the eastern area of Port Antonio to try surfing at Boston Beach, hiking along the Blue Mountains, and river rafting along the Rio Grande.

2 Skagit Valley, Washington, USA

Thousands of tourists come to the Skagit Valley in April to witness the tulip festival, including a fun celebration with diverse activities and events. Situated on the slopes of Mount Baker, the valley turns into a dramatic landscape in the warm spring, with flowers starting to bloom for two weeks straight.

1 Cancun, Mexico

Cancún island is a go-to spot for beaches, golfing, and nightlife. It remains one of the cheapest vacation destinations in the Western Hemisphere. Travelers explore breathtaking beach spots and try some Jet Skiing and parasailing. Beyond Cancun, the city’s tours offer day trips to beautiful spots like Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy. Chichén Itzá, the large Mayan archeologic site, is also a must-see and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.

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