Statkraft and Vitesco Technologies Forge Renewable Energy Partnership to Drive Sustainability Goals in Germany

Statkraft and Vitesco Technologies Forge Renewable Energy Partnership to Drive Sustainability Goals in Germany

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In a significant move towards sustainability, renewable energy provider Statkraft has entered into a partnership with Vitesco Technologies to supply both solar and wind power to its German sites. Since January 2024, Statkraft has been delivering approximately 10,500 MWh of solar power and 17,300 MWh of wind power annually for a duration of three years, totaling around 83,000 MWh.


Patrick Koch, Head of Statkraft’s origination business in Germany, emphasized the importance of supporting Vitesco Technologies’ ambitious sustainability targets by providing renewable energy tailored to demand. By combining wind and solar power, Statkraft ensures a flexible and climate-neutral electricity supply that meets the specific needs of industrial customers.


Vitesco Technologies, which has been sourcing electricity exclusively from renewable sources since 2020, aims to achieve net climate neutrality for its own operations by 2030 and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions across its entire value chain by 2040. The agreement with Statkraft marks a significant milestone in this journey, enabling Vitesco Technologies to secure a climate-neutral electricity supply and promote further expansion of renewable energy sources.


Anja Rivera de la Cruz, Head of Sustainability & Security at Vitesco Technologies, highlighted the importance of the partnership with Statkraft in achieving sustainability goals. The agreement not only ensures a climate-neutral electricity supply but also supports the regionalization of renewable energy sources, contributing to long-term sustainability objectives.

The solar power supplied to Vitesco Technologies will originate from the Ihlenfeld solar park in Neuenkirchen, Mecklenburg, contributing to its long-term financing. Additionally, wind power will be generated at the Ütze-Süd wind farm in Lower Saxony, facilitating commercial operation through the power purchase agreement (PPA).

The partnership between Statkraft and Vitesco Technologies underscores their shared commitment to sustainability and renewable energy solutions. By providing tailored solar and wind power solutions, Statkraft supports Vitesco Technologies in achieving its ambitious sustainability goals while contributing to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

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