New VW Golf Production Begins At Wolfsburg Plant In Germany

New VW Golf Production Begins At Wolfsburg Plant In Germany

New VW Golf Production Begins At Wolfsburg Plant In Germany

German carmaker Volkswagen has announced the commencement of production of the new Golf at the VW facility in Wolfsburg, Germany. A anemone blue metallic Golf Style was the first car to roll off the assembly line in Hall 12 this event coincided with the 50th anniversary of the first series Golf production in Wolfsburg.

Wolfsburg has been a significant hub for Golf production over the past five decades, with over half of the 37 million Golf models sold globally being produced at this plant. The facility has consistently churned out an average of 4,00,000 units annually, spanning eight generations of the Golf and its derivatives.

Commenting on the occasion, Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, said, “The Golf has been at the heart of the Volkswagen brand for half a century, offering affordable mobility for all at the highest technical level. The Golf has constantly adapted to customer needs, thus becoming a global bestseller – made in Wolfsburg. This is precisely what we are building on with the new evolutionary stage – with even higher efficiency, comfort and quality and a new operating concept. The Golf does not get any better than this”.

The new Golf features a redesigned front end with LED headlights, including the IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights for improved visibility. Inside, there’s an updated infotainment system with a touchscreen and illuminated touch sliders for control. The integration of the IDA voice assistant provides access to online information and vehicle functions.

Under the hood, the new Golf offers various powertrains, including TSI, TDI, and eTSI mild hybrid drives, alongside two new plug-in hybrids with substantial electric range. Additionally, a DC quick-charging function is available. In addition to the production milestone, the Wolfsburg plant celebrated its 48 millionth vehicle, with a Golf in urano grey destined for a customer in the United Kingdom.

With over 20 million units produced, the Golf holds the record as the most-built model at the Wolfsburg plant, followed by the Beetle and the Tiguan. The Tiguan, introduced in 2007, now ranks third in production volume. As the new Golf enters production, it continues the tradition of innovation and quality associated with the Golf lineage, maintaining its position in the compact car segment.

Commenting on the commencement of production of the new Golf, Plant Manager Rainer Fessel said, “The connection between the Golf and the Wolfsburg plant is quite unique: Wolfsburg is the Golf – and the Golf is Wolfsburg. As a team we have meticulously planned the start of production over the past weeks and months. Now we are delighted we will soon be seeing the new Golf on the roads”.

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